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Thread: Twins Please....

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    Twins Please....

    I am planning to get pregnant next year. I will be 39 then. Most probably this will be my third and last pregnancy. I lost my firstborn to a congenital heart disease. My second daughter is now eight years old and is growing healthy and happy. She is always asking us for a brother or a sister. I also would like to give her more siblings but i guess i have one shot left for that. Thus, I am praying for twins.

    I want to remain positive about this because I really want it. But there are no twins in our bloodline. Not even with my husband's. Am I asking for a miracle? Is there even a slightest chance that I will have twins?

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    Dear Belle,

    I was heartbroken to read your post about you losing your first baby. I am so very sorry for what you have been through. I pray that you will have peace about your baby.

    It is still possible (although less likely) to have twins if you do not have any family history of twins. You are more likely to have twins if you are aged over 35 years (which I see that you are) and also if you are on fertility treatment.

    Wishing you all the very best,

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    Dear LJ,

    Thank you. I believe I have made my peace with his passing. Perhaps, that is why i am praying for twins. I am hoping to fill up the vacancy he left.

    If fertility treatment can help with this, I will definitely try it.

    Thank you LJ.

    Best regards

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