From what I read, placenta encapsulation appears to be becoming more popular. Here is a link to an article for those wondering what to do with your placenta.

The placenta has been nourishing your baby for the nine months of pregnancy. It is packed full of nutrients such as vitamin B and protein. Some research shows that consuming your placenta can help to lower the chance of postnatal depression as well as increasing energy levels (which are so important in those early weeks with a newborn).

Many doulas offer the service of encapsulating the placenta (i.e. putting it into pill form) and some women enjoy placenta smoothies. If you choose to have your placenta encapsulated, then you can then keep any remaining pills in the freezer and then take them at times of low energy or illness.

Whilst I have not consumed my placenta in my two births this is certainly something I would consider in the future. I personally would like to try it in pill form and see how it helps my energy levels.

What are your feelings about placenta encapsulation? Have/ would you try this?

Warm wishes,