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    Have you/would you have your placenta encapsulated?

    From what I read, placenta encapsulation appears to be becoming more popular. Here is a link to an article for those wondering what to do with your placenta.

    The placenta has been nourishing your baby for the nine months of pregnancy. It is packed full of nutrients such as vitamin B and protein. Some research shows that consuming your placenta can help to lower the chance of postnatal depression as well as increasing energy levels (which are so important in those early weeks with a newborn).

    Many doulas offer the service of encapsulating the placenta (i.e. putting it into pill form) and some women enjoy placenta smoothies. If you choose to have your placenta encapsulated, then you can then keep any remaining pills in the freezer and then take them at times of low energy or illness.

    Whilst I have not consumed my placenta in my two births this is certainly something I would consider in the future. I personally would like to try it in pill form and see how it helps my energy levels.

    What are your feelings about placenta encapsulation? Have/ would you try this?

    Warm wishes,

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    I encapsulated my own placenta from my 5th birth. That was an amazing experience all together.
    My sister helped me, as it needs to be done with in a few days after birth.
    I highly suggest every mum to have it done or do it themselves.
    The pill form was so easy to take, helped with milk supply and my moods.
    I still have about 75 left over and my baby is almost 3.
    That's another story i need to write up, along with my birth story.

    ljmarsden.....any specific questions you'd like to ask about the process.

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    Oh wow sunnymumof5.

    Yes please - did you steam your placenta? If so, how long for? Did you add any other ingredients when you were steaming it?

    How did you dehydrate it?

    What did it smell like during the cooking process?!

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

    Warm wishes,

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    I chose not to steam it. I cut it up cold from the frig.
    I used a blender to somewhat liquidize the placenta and then spread it out on top of wax paper inside a dehumidifier.
    I left that on over night and most of the next day.
    It was very humid where we were living and I believe that's why it took longer to dry out.
    Then I put the dried pieces back into the blender (a food processor would of been better) and pulverized the dried placenta.
    The smell while it was drying was that of a "meaty" smell. Nothing to bad at all.
    I had also purchased a pill machine to help me fill the empty capsules, which was awesome and fast.
    My placenta ended up making over 200+ capsules.
    I also saved a chunk for a tincture.
    All together the process was very easy going and painless.
    My sister helped me as I was 2-3 days postpartum and being on my feet to long made me tired.
    I highly encourage every mama to have their placenta encapsulated.
    It was an amazing experience.

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    Thanks so much for this information sunnymumof5.

    That's interesting that you didn't steam it. I've watched some videos of the placenta encapsulation process and I was surprised at how 'meaty' the placenta looked before it is pulverised.

    It's incredible to think of the extensive source of nutrients, not to mention stem cells, that the placenta contains. The more I look into this the more it seems such a shame, on many levels, that most placentas are regarded as 'medical waste'.

    Thank you for sharing about the pill machine too - I actually hadn't heard of this and was imagining the pill making part of the process to be very lengthy!

    Thanks again for sharing your valuable experiences with us.

    Warm wishes,

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