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    Healthy Teeth and Gums in Pregnancy

    Have you experienced any dental problems in pregnancy? In pregnancy, women are unfortunately more susceptible to teeth and gum problems. There are a number of reasons for this. In the first trimester, many women suffer from morning sickness and this can lead to tooth enamel being damaged. Some women, myself included, even find that brushing their teeth makes them feel sick in the first trimester. Pregnancy cravings can also lead to a change in our diets and so affect teeth hygiene.

    It's important to make sure you eat enough Calcium when you are pregnant to enable both you and your baby's teeth and other bones to be strong and healthy. The article Health teeth, healthy mothers, healthy babies explains that it is important for pregnant women to eat 1100 mg a day of Calcium. This could be gained from sources such as:

    - 1 cup of milk (300 mg of Calcium)
    - 8 oz of yoghurt (350 mg)
    - 1 cup of fortified orange juice (300 mg)
    - 1oz almonds (75 mg)

    Did you notice any changes in your teeth or gums in pregnancy? Do you feel morning sickness had any impact on your dental health?

    With my first son, I experienced such bad morning sickness that I had to eat ginger biscuits in the night and before I got out of bed in the morning. I did find that this meant I needed to take more time cleaning and flossing my teeth.

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