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Thread: When did you find out you were expecting twins?

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    When did you find out you were expecting twins?

    I was only 6.5 weeks pregnant when we found out we were expecting twins but that is because I had 2 previous miscarrages and my doctor wanted to make sure I didn't have an ectopic pregnancy so he set up an early ultrasound. I had been on a very low dose of clomid for about 3 cycles so I knew the chance of conceiving twins was greater than someone not on fertility medication but I honestly didn't think it would happen -- but I'm so glad it did

    I know many twin mums that were much further along when they found out.

    How far a long were you?

    Did you suspect something was different or were you surprised?

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    I do not have any twins. I do have a friend who did not find out for sure she was having twins until 38 weeks though! She had a feeling the whole time, but it was not confirmed until that point. Twins are so sweet <3

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    Wow! That seems so late to find out but what an exciting thing to be told! Yes, twins are awesome! I am so thankful to have my fun, sweet, smart, busy boys

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