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    Weaning a 2 year old

    My daughter is turning 3years old this March and still breastfed. So I would like to ask on
    "How do I wean my daughter from breastfeeding?"

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    Hi singlemom,

    Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful thing you have done in breastfeeding your daughter for this time. Recently I have been reading research about the stem cells in breastmilk as well as its cancer reducing properties; these just add to the huge list of benefits to breastmilk. These benefits continue each year that you breastfeed for; each month in fact. The American Academy of Paediatrics stated, on the subject of the huge advantage of breastmilk, 'it is a lucky child indeed who is breastfed for two years or beyond'. Your daughter is certainly lucky to have you as her mother.

    My second point would be; don't feel under any pressure to wean just because your daughter is turning three. I wonder if I can ask if your daughter is showing signs that she wants to stop breastfeeding? How often, approximately, does she breastfeed each day? Most children, if allowed to, will choose to stop breastfeeding some time between their third and fourth birthday.

    Therefore, one way to wean from breastfeeding is to be lead by the child and to trust that they will stop when they are ready. Most children will just gradually stop breastfeeding at some point between age 3 or 4 (although this can be older for some children). What are your feelings about this way for your family?

    If you want to lead the weaning process (this is known as mother-led weaning) then the best way is to do this gradually and gently. You can offer your daughter another drink or snack first for one of her feeds each day to begin with. Then gradually increase this with the other feeds, as you feel led. I would advocate this gentle approach if you want to start some mother-led weaning; it will be easier for both of you to adjust to.

    Does your daughter drink cows milk? Does she enjoy eating food which is high in Calcium?

    Is she currently just feeding in the daytime or the night also? Some mothers choose to just lead the night-time weaning and then continue with daytime feeds until the child chooses to reduce them and eventually stop.

    Thank you for your question - your breastfeeding journey is a real inspiration.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you so much

    Thank You so much ljmarsden for your very informative answer...

    My daughter doesn't show any signs that she wants to stop breastfeeding. She really loves to breastfed. Even though after eating solid foods and drinking milk, she comes to me and wants to be breastfed.

    I breastfed her before sleeping at night, at around 12 midnight, at 3am or 4am and then at 6 am. And after she wakes-up at 7am or 8am. Then at 1pm or 2pm before nap time and after she wakes-up at around 5pm.

    So that would be 7 times that she is seriously breastfeeding... because in between those times, she will sometimes come to me and ask to be breastfed even for just a few seconds and then go back to playing.

    So I think I still have a long journey to go in breastfeeding with my daughter.

    Again, thank you so much ljmarsden.. God Bless

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    You are very welcome singlemom.

    It really does sound like you and your daughter have a wonderfully strong attachment which has been founded in your breastfeeding journey. This is natural and normal although, sadly, uncommon in some circles.

    I am sure that a gentle, gradual, child-led weaning process will happen naturally and positively for you and your daughter. Please do post back if we can help you further with this.

    Warm wishes,

    'Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth.' (Pamela K. Wiggins)

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    Yes. My daughter and I have a very close bonding. Unlike with my eldest son who was not breastfed. My affection and bond towards him are really different.
    You have really help me ljmarsden. Thank you so much for your information and support.

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    I am so pleased that my support, and this information, was helpful for you.

    I will have a look at your other post about the different bonds you feel you have with your children.

    Warm wishes,

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    Yes, LJ. I'll keep you informed about me and my children.
    Again, thank you so much for being a great help.

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    singlemom, your daughter sounds like my almost 3yo (he will be 3 in April)....he shows no sign of weaning either. My older child self weaned at 5years 11 months...Your an amazing mom to breastfeed for this long!
    cyber high five to you!

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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    Your older child stop breastfeeding at 5years 11months? WOW!!! Super Cyber High Five to You!!!

    That was really amazing...

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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