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    Postpartum Depression Time Length-+

    I started to experience postpartum depression symptoms a couple months prior to giving birth to my son. After I gave birth my postpartum depression intensified. I immediately went to the doctor and was prescribed medication. Two years later and still on medication, I am still exhibiting some anxiety and depression. I have spoken to my doctor about this and never seem to get an answer. Though I know everyone is different, I would like to know how long a mum can have postpartum depression after giving birth?

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    Hello joeysmama,

    I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from postpartum depression. I know this is extremely difficult.

    Typically, postpartum depression lasts up to 12 months. Did you experience any depression previous to being pregnant/ having a baby? When did you last see your doctor about this? Have you thought about attending a local support group and also asking your doctor for more help?

    Do you have family and friends who can help to support you when your children are young?

    Thinking of you,

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    Thank you so much. I did not experience depression before I became pregnant. I do see my doctor on a regular basis to discuss how I feel and soon I will be seeing a therapist. I do have friends and family to talk to, but regardless I am still feeling depressed.

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    I'm glad that you are talking to those around you and I would encourage you to continue with this.

    Have you considered seeing another doctor to explain your ongoing depression?

    I'm pleased you will be seeing a therapist soon too. Postpartum depression is very common and you deserve the right support.

    With warm wishes,

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