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    Fighting the depression by medicine vs oxytocin from brestfeading

    Hello everyone,

    I suffered the depression after my births (both of them).

    For my second birth I got to know the process and I was strongly convinced everything will be wonderful. I organized a home birth, and it was wonderful. I got a beautiful daughter and was set about breastfeeding as long as possible. But after a few months depression gotten a hold of me.

    I was struggling to fight it, but then it got severe, and I had to go to the hospital. Doctor suggested me to start a medical treatment (my baby was 6 months and just started with her first solids) which would involve the end of breastfeeding.

    I was in such a dilemma. It still hurts me when I think of it.

    But I chose medicine. And I am such a happy mom now. The treatment is so effective that now I'm happier then I was before pregnancy

    What are your experiences?
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