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    Fighting the depression by medicine vs oxytocin from brestfeading

    Hello everyone,

    I suffered the depression after my births (both of them).

    For my second birth I got to know the process and I was strongly convinced everything will be wonderful. I organized a home birth, and it was wonderful. I got a beautiful daughter and was set about breastfeeding as long as possible. But after a few months depression gotten a hold of me.

    I was struggling to fight it, but then it got severe, and I had to go to the hospital. Doctor suggested me to start a medical treatment (my baby was 6 months and just started with her first solids) which would involve the end of breastfeeding.

    I was in such a dilemma. It still hurts me when I think of it.

    But I chose medicine. And I am such a happy mom now. The treatment is so effective that now I'm happier then I was before pregnancy

    What are your experiences?
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    Dear Tristana,

    I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered with postnatal depression two times. Postnatal depression can affect any mother and is very common. Please do not hold any guilt about the depression or what its consequences meant; you were wise to seek help. You don't know what the consequences of the depression could have been had you not sought help; it could have severely impacted you and your daughter's relationship.

    Also, I think you should celebrate the 6 months that you breastfed your daughter for. Whilst breastmilk has many benefits and advantages for children aged two years and older; it is the first 6 months which are the most beneficial. Well done for giving your daughter this great start in life.

    I am sorry to hear, however, that your doctor did not support you further in breastfeeding alongside postnatal depression support/ treatment. Whilst I do not know the details of your treatment, I do know that La Leche League produced this information on treating postnatal depression when breastfeeding:

    'Dr. Hale concluded his talk by saying that breastfeeding should be supported fully and not interrupted by mom’s needs for medication; and that treatment of postpartum depression can be accomplished relatively safely in breastfeeding mothers. So, in his consideration, moms should continue breastfeeding and should get drug treatment as needed for depression.'

    There are more details about the specific drug treatments and how safe they are when breastfeeding from the kellymom breastfeeding support page here. A number of the drugs are not safe when breastfeeding and I don't know the details about your medical history etc but I did want to share this here.

    I'm very pleased to read you are a happy mum now

    Thinking of you,

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    Thank you for your kind answer.

    I didn't know that! I asked the doctor two times if I can have both, breastfeeding and treatment, but he answered no. I thought that's a must.

    I think both would be perfect! I know how much the treatment helped me, but I still have a feeling that I lost something when I think of breastfeeding. And also for a note, this treatment helped me far better then the previous one. I feel so comfortable.

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    Thanks for your reply Tristana.

    I'm sorry that your doctor was not aware of/ did not present you with all of the options for antidepressants and breastfeeding. I don't think that mothers should have to choose between breastfeeding and depression treatment; both are so important for both mother and baby.

    However, you had to make your choice with the information you were presented with. You did the best for yourself and your baby. I am so pleased that the treatment helped you.

    Thank you for sharing your story here.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello again,

    It's been awhile, and I'm waiting for another child. I have the same problem again. I quit my treatment when I found out I'm pregnant, with advice from doctor, and now being nine months pregnant I'm a complete mess. I tried homeopathy but it didn't work enough. Now I want to ask for medical help once again, but I want to prepare myself.

    I remembered your answer to my last post here, and I wanted to ask for some help&support again. Can you help me find an international opinion on a safe treatment that can replace mine (or is mine that harmful after all), or some studies or other data I can point out to my doctor?

    I can tell you exact treatment I used (and made a world of difference for me) it is fluoxetine20g+lamotrigine25g+olanzapine2,5g daily.

    I followed the link you last gave me, but it's not working anymore. Also I have limited access&time on the internet, so I'd appreciate precise answer.

    I would be enormously greatful for this help.

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    Dear Tristana,

    It's really good to hear from you again. Congratulations on your pregnancy. But I'm so sorry that you are struggling again with depression.

    Has your doctor ever suggested any counselling/ behavioural therapies to help you alongside medical treatment? Have you considered seeing another doctor if you feel you are not being supported fully? You shouldn't have to just carry on like this now. I would urge you to go back to your doctor or to see another doctor - there are some medications for depression which are thought to be low risk for taking in pregnancy. However, this needs to be assessed on an individual basis and also depends on the severity of the depression.

    In terms of breastfeeding once you have your baby, this link explains more about which medication a doctor may prescribe you whilst you are breastfeeding. This centre for women's health in the link states: 'Antidepressants in general are considered to be relatively safe for use during breastfeeding when clinically warranted, and SSRIs in particular are one of the best studied classes of medications during breastfeeding.'

    Again, if you don't feel supported by your current doctor could you get a second opinion or swap doctors? If you want a specific list of research articles to pass on to your doctor on which antidepressants are safe when breastfeeding then there is this: Antidepressant use in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    You may also like to have a look at: How to treat depression safely whilst breastfeeding.

    If you feel you are not coping then please don't delay.

    Thinking of you,

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