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    what to do to help my son clean his ears without hesitation

    hi my 2 year old son doesn't like it when I clean his ears. As soon as he sees the cotton buds he runs away or if I do it he starts crying.. Please help

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    Hi mommyroxy,

    Thank you for your question. As well as helping to moderate this forum, I'm also a qualified Audiologist (hearing and balance specialist) so I was interested to see your question.

    Actually, it is best if you do not use cotton buds to clean your children's ears (or even your own ears). This is because it is very easy to poke wax or debris further down the ear canal and I have even seen patients with a perforation (hole in their eardrum, causing hearing impairment) caused by using a cotton bud in the ear.

    The ear canal becomes very sensitive the closer to the eardrum you get and your son is likely to be running away from this because he finds it uncomfortable.

    What is fascinating, is that the skin in the ear canal naturally migrates; it grows outwards. This means that, as long as any wax or debris is soft enough, the wax will naturally come out of the ear canal into the 'bowl' part of the ear (known as the concha) and then you can wipe it away with a flannel. However, I would not poke anything down the ear canal (including cotton buds, hair grips, pencils....I've seen it all! and unfortunately the consequences).

    In order to keep the wax in your son's ears soft you can put a couple of drops of oil down there twice a week (olive oil, baby oil or almond oil is fine, you don't need to warm it).

    I hope this helps to answer your question. Do let me know if you have any further questions or comments I can help with.

    Warm wishes,

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