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    If choosing betwean vaccines which one to choose?

    My husband an I were taking some time to think about vaccine. We heard reasons for and against, and weren't sure what to choose. What we surely accepted is that there is no need to hurry with vaccines, the more time you give to immune system to develop the better.

    Now after a year, we are considering to give our child just some vaccines. But we are not sure which to chose?

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    Dear Tristana,

    Thank you for your question.

    I think you are wise to consider the likelihood of your child catching each specific disease as well as the risks associated with each vaccine. Look at what the incidence is of the different diseases in your country (this is the rate of the disease in the country). What are the symptoms associated with each disease and, upon contracting the disease, what it the likelihood of suffering from the severe symptoms? What are the risks associated with each vaccine and what are the chances of experiencing these. I think you need to weigh up all these issues.

    Warm wishes,

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