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Thread: Your Babywearing Photos

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    Your Babywearing Photos

    I love seeing photos of babies, children and parents enjoying babywearing. I thought it would be fun to share our babywearing photos. Here are some of mine.

    Enjoying the Kari Me at 2 months old.

    Our ring sling which can even be used in water!

    Fun in the new Mei Tai with dad.

    I look forward to seeing your photos!

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    So okay here it goes - I've found only two pictures of me wearing my babies even though I did it all the time.

    This is Joshua my son (he is 22 years old now) - I couldn't even tell you what type of pouch it was. We didn't have a very big selection back then.

    This photo was taken in 2000 (we were waiting for the olympic torch to pass by - it was for the Sydney Olympics which was just near where we live). This is a Baby Bjorn. It is the pouch I would NOT choose now given all my knowledge of what types are the best and huge selection we now have available.
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