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    we can learn yoga through dvds

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    A simple google search will provide one with many many options for doing yoga at home.
    Also youtube has at home, tutorials and quick 20 min yoga sessions. I have researched yoga classes online and several companies offer pay per month yoga classes that suit your needs and times.
    Worth a try if your interested in yoga.
    Yoga is great for pregnant and postpartum mums!
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    Thanks for your comments wikisim145

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    Yes we learn yoga through dvds but I learned from youtube. But when I got pregnant I enrolled to a yoga class for pregnant women. Yoga can help you to have proper breathing and posture. I love yoga whether I'm pregnant or not. It is a part of my weekly routine.

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    Hi Amelia,
    Agree with you and like to say there are so many resources available on internet, just spend a little time and do little research online and things will get clearer and will help you in leading healthy lifestyle.
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    Yes you can learn Yoga by watching some dvds about Yoga classes even you don't need to watch dvds simply go to youtube and there are a lot of video about it... Now a days many tv channels showing morning program about Yoga and other exercises
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