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    Important Vaccines

    What are the important vaccines for our bubs? I've read that not all vaccines are necessary but it's possible that some vaccines are effective and recommended to be given to a child. How does a mum know which among the many vaccines should her child get?

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    Dear mom me,

    That's a difficult question to answer. I think we need to weigh up the pros and cons of each vaccine for each of our children. For instance, we need to consider how likely it is that they will contract a particular disease (this depends on the population that we live in) and what the health consequences would be (and the likelihood of these consequences occurring). Each vaccine will have particular risks associated with it, again we need to consider what the chances of each of these risks are and the severity and consequences of the risks.

    In light of all this, I would say that there is not a definitive answer that is right for everyone. Other factors to consider are whether you would want to have single vaccines (rather than combined vaccines) and if you agree to the time schedule of these vaccines or if you want to change this/ delay some of the vaccines.

    I wish you all the best with making these decisions.
    Warm wishes,

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