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Thread: Bleeding and almost loosing...

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    Bleeding and almost loosing...

    My first pregnancy was very difficult and traumatic. As much as possible, I don't want to use the word "traumatic" but it really feels that way. It still makes me sad after more than ten years.

    Back then, I was frequently visiting my doctor because I had spotting every now and then. My baby was in his rightful place. We had really not been able to establish what caused the bleeding. Although, every time it happened, my doctor prescribed a medicine that would keep the baby in place. And so to make the long story short, we kept my baby. I gave birth to him under normal vaginal birth at his proper age.

    But we lost at the age of five days. He had a congenital disease called ventricular septal defect. Why did this happen? Was it caused by the medicine I took to keep the pregnancy? I know there is nothing more I can do about it. But i would really like to hear better explanations.

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    Dear Belle,

    I am utterly heartbroken to read about the loss of your first son. How totally devastating for you and your family. I know that you will always miss him and think about him and I pray that you find some sort of peace.

    I am sorry it has taken me a while to get round to replying.

    Did you have any counselling or other support after the loss of your baby? There is no pain or grief like the loss of a child and you need those who understand this around you for many years, if not a lifetime, to come.

    Here is so detailed information about ventricular septal defect from the Children's Heart Federation. I hope that it answers some of your questions.

    Did you have ultrasound scans in your pregnancy? Sometimes ventricular septal defect is diagnosed from these. Unfortunately it is a congenital defect - a baby is born with this and it was formed during their early development in the womb. Often the cause for this is unknown and may be related to a chromosome problem or a genetic problem. It is also thought to be possible for it to be caused by poorly controlled diabetes or exposure to certain environmental factors. I am sorry that I cannot give you a definitive answer to the cause of this defect in your baby.

    Are you able to go back to your doctor and ask to talk about this some more? This is perfectly acceptable and understandable after what you have been through.

    You have my thoughts,

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