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    When and why did you decide to be a midwife?

    Dear student midwives,
    I am curious! When did you decide you wanted to train as a midwife? What is it about this profession which attracts you? When I gave birth I was interested in the stories of my midwives and how they decided to go into this wonderful yet demanding field. It somehow helped me throughout those difficult early days after the labour knowing the person behind the professional midwife.
    Thanks for reading.

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    I first became interested in it during my first pregnancy. I was fascinated by birthing and women. I thought after I had my first baby the interest would fade, but it did not. My interest in birth and supporting families led me to become a doula. As I spent more time with families and began to see the ways in which their needs were met and weren't met I found myself more and more drawn to the idea of helping them. I can't wait until I am able to catch babies professionally and help so many families to have the birth that they desire.

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    How wonderful for the families you will work with, mom2many.

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