Do you have a particular breastfeeding position that you and your child prefer or find easiest? Do you use different breastfeeding positions or stick to just one?

My baby's favourite breastfeeding position is with both of us lying down. I have to admit, that I have never once sat up to feed him in the night! Right from day one, I co-slept (safely) with him and all our night feeds were with the minimum disruption to sleep. He is now 15 months and we still breastfeed like this at night.

With my first son, I did not manage to breastfeed in this position initially - it took some practice to get the position right. However, when my second son was born I was still breastfeeding my older son and so I found it very easy to begin or breastfeeding relationship (I was also a lot more knowledgeable and confident the second time around).

I look forward to reading your replies.

Best wishes,