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    elective c sect as public patient ? any past success stories or advice

    Hi all, I will try and keep this as brief as possible - basically I am currently pregnant with baby #3 and am absolutely petrified so much so I havent even seen my gp yet because I don't think I know how to approach it. My first Labour was excessively long and painful waters broken and induced due to meconium in the waters - healthy 7 lbs 9
    oz baby - everyone told me second one is easier don't stress Labour will be halved in time etc after dealing with painfully separated abdomen for the latter part of my pregnancy went in to Labour had to have my waters broken again with meconium and then induced 17 hours after being induced pushed for 2 and a bit hours to then have a force delivery with a 9th 14oz baby boy physio for 6 months after birth as my muscle had separated off my pelvis and my hip which made it incredibly hard to look after a 2 year old and new born that was close to 5 km at birth, the pain and struggle still brings me to tears I was not expecting to have another baby soon and I am really freaking out... Is there any possibility of an elective c sect in Melbourne?
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