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    Heavenly Water BIRTH

    Let me start by saying that this is baby #4 and my first home/water birth. I attribute my choice to homebirth to all the homebirther's before me, as i have spent numerous hours reading other mama's birth stories and educating myself on homebirth. Also reading Ina May's books, brought me to a peace about birthing my baby at home. I chose to have my baby in the states, as my DP is in Mexico and unable to come to the US due to our current immigration laws. We decided that it was safer to have the baby here in the states rather than MX. I spent about 6 months of my pregnancy in Mexico with my DP before i came here to our home in NC. I have a wonderful circle of very close friends whom i choose to be at my birth along with my mom and sister.

    My EDD was tuesday September 16, Mexico's Independence Day. I started to lose my mucus plug on saturday and had on and off again rushes that day. I just knew that baby would come over the weekend. However baby had other plans. More watery mucus on sunday with irregular ctx and crampiness. My midwife suggested i take the kids out for dinner or an outing to get my mind off of them. So i did and they did go away.

    I woke up sunday night with ctx's every 3 min lasting for an hour or so. I almost called my team of friends and family but kept telling myself "one more ctx, just one more" before i made "the call". However the ctx frizzled out and off to sleep i went. Monday still some mucus and crampiness, i was so uncomfortable no matter what position i got in. My dear friend A and my grandma took me to BJ's for some shopping and i walked around the whole place thinking it would help labor along...still nothing happening on a regular pattern. Tuesday A and my sister went with me to my midwife appointment and i had gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks since i saw her last. Oh geez where did all that weight come from. I had not changed my eating habits at all. Because my DP is not here and since we have not been able to DTD since i came back from MX my MW suggested that she check me to see how dilated i was and to see if she could help things along by feeling my cervix. This was the only time during my whole pregnancy that my cervix was felt. I had no other intervention during my pregnancy other than a U/S. My midwife is very laid back and made me feel very comfortable with all the choices i made during my pregnancy. So she checked me and i was 3 1/2 cm and 50% effaced...she mentioned i had a little bit of a tension ring on one side of my cervix, that when she touched it melted away. Interesting to me. MW said it should be very soon and keep her updated. A and sister and I went to Olive Garden for lunch and it was wonderful to eat and be happy knowing that my babe would be here very soon.

    Wednesday came and my friend A called around 11am said she would come spend the day with me and had a meal planned for dinner. I got into the bathtub shortly before she called because i felt ctx coming on at regular intervals and wasn't sure it this was the real thing. But they kept coming after taking a bath and didn't stop at all. A came over and suggested we start timing them. They were coming about every 5-6 min and i could talk through them. I called MW and she said she was about 30 min away in a meeting and to call her back in 2 hours she also mentioned to eat a good lunch with lots of protein. She even mentioned to take a bath and if i wanted to check my own cervix. Which i had done before an d could never really tell what i was feeling.... Me and A decided to take a walk and ctx kept coming every 5 min. Once back home, Me and A went to the grocery store to get the things for dinner and ctx kept coming every 5 min while we were walking around the store. At one point i had to stop walking and wait for them to be over. At the check out counter i started getting light headed and sweating and shaky. I didnt say anything but A looked at me and knew it was time to get home asap. Once at home the ctx picked up to every 3-4 min apart. I called my mom who is a school teacher and mentioned this is it.... come on now. She was so excited...she's been waiting for "that" call for weeks now.

    A and me had a a wonderful grilled chicken salad and i started to have to focus and breathing through the ctx. I took another bath around 3:30-4ish and attempted to check my cervix..when i did i felt a slimy apple...later MW said this was baby's head. I called MW back and it was around 5pm and while talking with her i had to stop and breathe through them. She said she was on her way, i told her maybe she should wait because rush hour traffic is messy that time of day and she said she would wait 30 min before coming. At 6 pm i realized i needed to do something more to get through the we headed up stairs to where i planned on birthing. My mom set up the pool and saw that we needed a wrench to loosen the hot water from the washing machine and A called her husband over...he came real fast and just in time. They started to fill up the pool. I couldn't find my place upstairs. See down stairs i could hold on to the mantle or the high counter tops and lean over when i was having a ctx. But upstairs i couldnt find that height i need to hold on to. I finally moved something off my dresser so when i got a ctx i leaned over and put my head down and slightly squatted through a ctx. During this time i began to moan loudly through my ctx. My dear sister was keeping my toddler busy during all this. What a life saver.

    A had called my other 2 friends D and L to come on NOW. L was to video tape the birth and D was to do what ever else needed doing during the time. MW arrived right at 6:30 pm and listened to babe's HB and it was great. Some point earlier i asked for counter pressure on my back and after about 30 min of that it didn't help anymore...just aggravated me more. Once MW checked the HB i got into the pool and it was so heavenly that i couldn't stop praising how good it felt. My friend D got out the video cam and we called DP who got on his video cam in MX. It was great that he could exp. the birth via video. D did an awesome job keeping up with the video cam and DP. At one point i was like...get that camera out of my face...i'm pretty sure it was close to transition. I remember getting in the pool around 6:45ish and tried several positions till i got on my knees and was leaning over the side of the pool. I was making lots of primal noises and horse blowing through ctx. The urge to push came upon me very slowly and when i felt the urge i told my it ok to body is pushing and i have no control...she was wonderful and encouraged me to go with what my body was telling me to do..I soon felt an intense pressure that hurt so bad...i reached down thinking it was the baby's head crown and it was the water bag bulging out of me and it felt very slimy and hurt so bad. I didnt have much of a rest from ctx during this time...they seemed to come one on top of another...even if i would of gotten a break from them it would of been painful because the baby's head was right behind the bag of water...and the pressure was increasing. I remember telling the midwife to break the water bag so that pressure would release...but really it was the baby's head that was causing all the pressure..she kept encouraging me to breathe and go with it...i told MW i cant do this anymore..make it stop.... and i realized at this point.... i needed to get into another position to push the baby i leaned back onto my bottom and pushed my hardest and felt a a pop...and i thought that my water had broke...the MW put her hand into the water and I had another ctx and someone said the head is out...the head is out...that relief in pressure was the baby's head not the bag of water...then with the next ctx i pushed my hardest and the baby's body came out...the cord was around it's neck and the MW told me to unwrap it and pull the baby up to my chest. I didn't see the sex of the baby right away...put i then turned the baby around and yelled it's a boy...we did not know the sex...the baby was born in the caul and the MW had put her hand in the water to break the caul so the rest of the baby could be born. It took over 20-30 min before i birthed the placenta...i was having ctx but not the urge to push out the after sometime i remember the MW telling me to push a little bit and the placenta came out soon afterwards.

    I remember feeling the cord after the baby was born and felt it pulsing. That was awesome...i also cut my own baby's cord. I then handed the baby to my mom and got into the bathtub for a few min to rinse off. MW helped me into my bed and checked the baby and the baby weighed 10+2 and was 21 1/4 in long and had a head circumference of 15cm. He was a very big boy. MW also suggested that the baby showed signs of a post date baby and so did the placenta. I never imagined i would have such a big baby. I did not have much of a tear...MW said it wasn't even a first degree...just a little skid mark....I'm doing great...adjusting to being here by my self with a babe and a toddler. My family and friends have been awesome. I would say this was a most heavenly birth...everything went just the way i wished it would..other than having my DP here with me...but really he was..due to the video cam. Thank God and lots of prayers for my wonderful birth.
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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, inspiring birth story.

    Ina May Gaskin once said 'whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life'. In light of your wonderful birth of your fourth baby I am sure that it has, and will, positively and uniquely impact your emotions, mind, body and spirit for the rest of your life

    Fantastic stuff,

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    A beautiful and inspiring birth story. Thank you for sharing.

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    Dear sunnymumof5 - What an amazing story!! This time round i am hoping for a natural water birth. Your an inspiration!

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