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    How did you feel in the third trimester?

    I've been reading this guide about changes you can expect in your body during the third trimester of pregnancy. Which of these did you experience? I suffered with some backache as well as breathlessness. I also went on so many trips to the toilet I considered moving my bed into the bathroom! Did you have similar changes in your body during the third trimester for different pregnancies?

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    There is one thing I can remember about the third trimester which was common in all of my pregnancies and it's that I was anemic during all of my pregnancies in the third trimester. I remember eating a lot of spinach during that last trimester with my first and second pregnancies, and taking a natural iron supplement with my 3rd (it did not constipate me). With my 4th and 5th pregnancies I took organic liquid chlorophyll. Doing these natural things brought my numbers up so that I was not anemic going into pregnancy.

    With my 4th and 5th pregnancies, I got lots of braxton hicks during the last month of pregnancy. I didn't have nearly as many with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, and I never felt even one with my first.

    The other thing I remember which was only in my 5th pregnancy, was getting swollen ankles. Never had that with any of the others, but I was nearly 41 when I gave birth to my last child.

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    During my third trimester, there were a lot of changes, major changes. First was baby was becoming bigger so, just like ljmarsden, I had breathlessness and backache. I always felt hot, this is because of a hormone. And most of all, I kept on urinating which was a bit tiring, lol.

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    I have to say that during my third I was feeling okay with my first son and now that I am on my third with my second son, I feel okay sometimes. I mean I actually feel everything, like I hurt more and I am always catching my breath more than I was with my first son.

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    Really? If I may ask, what do you mean hurt more? About breathlessness yes it's quite normal in the third trimester because baby is getting bigger. But whatever concerns you have that you think is really bothering you and you're not comfortable with it already, consult your midwife/ OB right away to avoid risks/ complications. Have a safe pregnancy.

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