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    I tend to get a surge of anxiety everyday at the same time. Around 11-12ish in the day. Im trying to figure out if its a blood sugar drop that starts the shakes and nervousness or its actual anxiety about all the things i'm trying to manage all at one time.
    Any other mums have this issue as well?

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    Hi Sunnymumof5,

    Having daily anxiety of shakes and nervousness can be caused by stress, but the fact that it happens at the same time each day makes me suspect that it is more likely related to nutrition.

    When you are under physical and/or emotional stress for an extended time, your body will suffer, the longer you are under stress. When you are under stress, your body cannot absorb nutrients as well, which means it takes higher and higher doses of minerals (and some vitamins) to not only get what you need each day, but to replenish what has been lost.

    I saw in another post that you still have 75 capsules of your dehydrated placenta, left from your birth a couple of years ago. Have you been taking the capsules every day, and if so, you may need to increase the number you are taking in order for your body to benefit more.

    When you are pregnant, your body works hard to nourish your baby, taking nutrients from your own bones, teeth and other organs to create your baby's bones, organs, and tissues if it has to. You have had a number of pregnancies close together, and you have breastfed those babies. On top of that, you have extended breastfed some of your children, which means that you have been nourishing two children at one time, along with yourself, for years.

    This is a huge demand on the body, and though it can be very good emotionally for mother and child, to have an extended breastfeeding relationship, if mum is not able to absorb enough nutrients into her body, the quality of her milk will diminish and, of course, the breastfeeding child will take nutrients from her body that she needs for herself.

    When I was struggling with anxiety, it was related to substantial Adrenal Fatigue. My nutritionist put me on large doses of many different vitamins and minerals to correct the problem.

    Some that I would take would be:

    High Quality Prenatal or Multi-Vitamin (Food Based and organic is best)
    Vitamin B-12 (for nervousness)
    Inositol (which is in the "B Vitamin" family)
    Cod Liver Oil
    Vitamin D3 (I would encourage you to have your Vitamin D levels checked so you know how to supplement with this. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression, pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Breast Cancer and Dr. Mercola has a good article addressing this.

    I remember you mentioning in another post that you have IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and this, too will greatly contribute to your body not being able to absorb enough nutrients being that the food is not staying within your body long enough (the body even absorbs nutrients from excrement in the bowel).

    Be sure you are avoiding all refined sugar and flour, and that you also avoid coffee, dairy products, wheat and products containing gluten as all of these products/foods cause inflamation in the body.

    Eating a little protein every 2 hours will help to keep your blood level stable. This could be an egg, nuts, nut butter, beef, chicken, fish and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and swiss chard.

    I hope you find some helpful information here, and please post back if you make some changes to let us know how you are feeling. I would also encourage you to get enough rest each day. Even if you can get a 20 minute power nap or lay down and do deep breathing every hour for 5 minutes - you need to rest so that your body can rebuild itself.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thank you so much 5Homebirths4Kate, wonderfully written and thought out. I appreciate all the amazing information you provided to me.
    I can wait to start the daily vitamins and will pay more attention to my protein intake. The links you suggest are great resources as well.
    I've thought about taking the remainder of my placenta, I will try that as well.
    Looking forward to obtaining a happy and healthy anxiety free life.
    Thank you again

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    Worrying is my downfall....I do that quite often.
    Im looking for coping skills right now.
    Ways to work through it all.

    Thanks for your time.
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