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    17dpo and BFN could I be pregnant?

    My question is could I be pregnant even with a BFN at 17dpo? I o'ed on CD20 and had slight bleeding and cramping. Ever since ovulating the cramps never really went, they were on and off mainly on... From dull ache right below to pains on the left and right ovaries. Between then and my missed AF I had cramps sometimes sharp, tiredness, moody, a few pimples, craving milk/ dairy. I am now 17dpo with no sign of AF just cramps still and all the same symptoms. I currently have twins that are 18 months old. My cycles are usually regular each month. It's unusual for me. If anyone has any suggestions or experienced something similar please let me know. Were you pregnant or not?

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    Oh I have bloating too and very gassy.. Haha

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    Dear birdblossom,

    Welcome to the forum.

    My first thought was - are you breastfeeding? As this can throw havoc to any predictability to menstrual cycles.

    Do you normally have a 28 day cycle?

    How did you track your ovulation? Is it normally this late in your cycle?

    At 14 days past ovulation out of women who are pregnant only 80% of pregnancy tests for these women will give a positive result. It is actually possible to be pregnant 20 days past ovulation and still get a false negative. At 17 days past ovulation studies show that 11% of pregnant women will still get a false negative.

    This percentage is much smaller with a pregnancy blood test so you may want to ask your doctor for one of these. Alternatively, test again in 3-4 days time.

    Please do post back if you need any further help or support with this and also let us know how you are getting on.

    Thinking of you,
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    Hi ladies,
    I am also experiencing the same.bloating in the early stage of pregnancy is common to feeling gassy and discomfort in the day.I also Google it and find some cause and tips to avoid bloating refer this link for more tips on bloating

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