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    Did you continue breastfeeding when you returned to work?

    In November last year an interested study was published into the views of Australian breastfeeding mothers when they returned to work: you can read about the research here. It shows that 92% of women were not given any information about their breastfeeding options before their return to work. Does this surprise you? Were you able to continue breastfeeding when you returned to work?

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    When I had my first child, I did return to work when I was still breastfeeding. I was not really given any information about breastfeeding options after returning to work. It is unfortunate that more employers do not share information with women returning to work, but it doesn't really surprise me. I was able to work a shorter shift, so I was only there for part of the day. It made it much easier, as I was able to breastfeed before leaving for work and then breastfeed as soon as I got home.

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    I'm sorry to hear you didn't get much information about breastfeeding and returning to work, Jessica. Sounds like you did a great job breastfeeding around your work anyway! Here's hoping that this forum can help raise awareness of the role of employers in this area.

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    Well I've been working for four months now and I am still breastfeeding my 19months old son. Though I'm giving him formula milk also esp when I'm not around. As long as my milk supply isn't empty, I will continue breastfeeding!

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    When I was a child care provider, I had a mom who breastfed her baby. She would pump at work and would breastfeed as soon as she arrived to pick up her child, through the evening and the next morning before bringing baby to me. She also breastfed all weekend long.

    It worked out well for mom and baby, and baby got the wonderful benefit of mom's milk, exclusively for the first few months. I think she stopped pumping when baby was around 6 months old, but she continued to breastfeed when she had her baby with her.

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    Sounds like you are giving your baby just what he needs momikatie: a great example to me and other working mums so thank you for sharing.

    Kate - the lady you have written about sounds inspirational to continue to breastfeed her baby in this way. So often I feel that society expects us to change our parenting wishes to fit in with others' expectations. But I want to put my baby's needs first. It's a shame that this seems a controversial point of view to have.

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