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    ectopic pregnancy

    I have a friend who have had a miscarriage because of ectopic pregnancy.
    So I'm gonna ask, What are the chances of the baby to survive during ectopic pregnancy? Is it something to be afraid of? Would all of the women with this kind of pregnancy should expect a miscarriage anytime?
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    Dear faithmanalon,

    I'm so sorry to hear that your friend had an ectopic pregnancy.

    An ectopic pregnancy is where the egg is fertilised in the fallopian tube and the pregnancy develops here. Unfortunately, because of this location, an ectopic pregnancy is never going to continue. It actually has serious potential health consequences for the woman and she often needs an emergency operation to remove the pregnancy (unless the ectopic pregnancy has been detected at an early stage - in this case medication can be used to remove the pregnancy).

    Women with an ectopic pregnancy usually experience abdominal pain on one side and vaginal bleeding. These symptoms should be treated as an emergency situation.

    Around 1 in 90 pregnancies will be an ectopic pregnancy. As explained above, this is different from a 'normal' miscarriage where the egg is fertilised in the womb but fails to develop past a certain stage. It is thought that around 1 in 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

    Please do not be afraid. Ectopic pregnancies are not common. Most pregnancies result in a healthy baby.

    Please do post back with any further questions you have about this.

    Warm wishes,

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