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    Nipple bleeding while breastfeeding

    When I started breastfeeding, my nipples bleed and it really hurts when my baby started to suck on my nipples. I don't know if I will continue to breastfeed her or stop, because while she drank my milk she also swallowed the blood that flows on my nipples. Is it okay for the baby to swallow a little blood when she is drinking my milk or not? Is it natural for me to have a bleeding nipple when I breastfeed?

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    Oh hugs to you and your baby.
    How old is your baby and are you still breastfeeding?
    I hope that you were able to get the proper support to aid in your issue.

    Nipple pain is a frustrating breast feeding issue in the early days. Most often caused by improper latch, sleepy baby, medicated baby and sometimes even a lip /tongue tie.
    A certified lactation consultant or breast feeding counselor can help mum identify what exactly is causing the bleeding and pain.

    The question you asked about baby digesting the blood from mums nipples....It is completely fine for baby to continue to breastfeed if mums nipples are bleeding. I do suggest that mum get help as quickly as possible to identify the reasoning for the bleeding as well as ideas to heal the nipple quickly.
    Some mums find that a short break from breastfeeding helps nipples to heal, however its very important to continue to remove the milk from the breast every 2-3 hours either by pumping or manual expression.

    A all purpose nipple ointment aids in healing as well.
    A local Lactation Consultant can direct you to find the correct nipple salve that will work best in your situation.

    I also suggest having the babies latch assessed is the MOST important aspect in preventing and healing the nipple.

    Please check back in and let us know how your feeling and if their is anything we can help you with.
    I applaud your efforts to continue to breast feed your baby through this difficult period. Breastfeeding should not hurt, and does get easier with time and patience.
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    Dear faithmanalon,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are finding breastfeeding difficult. Although it is certainly the best and most natural way to feed a baby (exclusive breastfeeding is recommended by the World Health Organisation for the first 6 months of life) it often takes mum and baby practice, and lots of help and support.

    I see you have had some excellent advice from sunnymumof5 above.

    I agree that getting the latch right is key. It does not matter if your baby swallows some blood. However, bleeding nipples indicate that the latch is not right. The baby needs a full mouthful of your breast rather than just feeding off the nipple. I have put together lots of information on getting a good latch in my reply to this previous post here. Please do have a read of this and look at Dr. Jack Newman's breastfeeding videos and the latching on checklist.

    I would also see if you can attend your local breastfeeding support group and get in touch with a lactation consultant if you can.

    I really can emphasise with you as (due to an undiagnosed tongue tie) I struggled with lots of pain in breastfeeding for the first 3 weeks of our journey. However, with lots of help and support (as well as my son's tongue tie being cut) I have now breastfed for over 3 years. The more I find out about breastmilk; the more I am pleased that I made it through those difficult early days and kept asking for more and more help. Breastmilk aids a child's development, it gives them increased immunity and reduces the likelihood of childhood cancers, it also contains stem cells.

    Please don't hesitate to post back if you need any more support with this.

    Thinking of you,

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