I am 32 weeks on Saturday and was yesterday told by my obstetrician that my baby is still breech. It has been for the last 3 or 4 times I have seen him.

I asked him about breech birth and although he is not totally against it and said he used to perform a lot in the past a c-section is safer.

Although I trust him and know that he encourages natural birth when he can I wonder if you consider c-section the best option? I would be open to trying breech birth but want to put my baby's health and safety first. I will also be having a scan at 34 weeks to check where my placenta is. It was previously low lying and my obstetrician thinks that might be why my baby is having trouble turning around.

Any advice or information you have in this regard would be very helpful. I am happy to have a c-section if that is what is medically required but would like to know if you consider there are other better options.

Many thanks