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    infertility issues

    I have read a novel about the story of a woman who can't conceive a child with his partner. I got curious because when she had her second husband, she got pregnant. The explanation of some medical expert was because the chemistry of the vagina and her husband's sperm were not compatible. My question goes like this, how do we know if the infertility is due to incompatibility of the chemistry of the egg and sperm cell and if it is curable or not?

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    Sounds like a interesting book, please do share the title with us. I like to read books that talk about birth and pregnancy in a novel format!
    I assume most women who experience infertility for any length of time will follow up with a Dr or midwife at some point. A medical provider will then direct the woman to different testing to find out what could possibly be causing the infertility and the cause would be known. I have read several books on fertility and have found one in particular to be very helpful in understanding a female's fertility cycle.
    Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler, MPH
    This book guides a woman through her daily cycle and encourages a women to look at all the signs of fertility and non fertility so that a woman can know what step in the process she is in and if her body is not hitting that specific step in the process.
    Great book for all women!
    I even encouraged my college aged sister to read this. Learning about our bodies and how they work at an early age is empowering.
    A right every female has!

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