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    Autistic Son

    my 7 year old son has low spectrum autism. I also have two other children who are 2 and 3 years old. My 7 year old is very rough when he plays with them. how do I get him to play with them but not hurt them?

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    Dear angel0284,

    That is a difficult question. I have worked with children who have autism in the past and I understand what you are describing.

    Do you feel your son has difficulty communicating how he is feeling? How is his communication generally? I ask this because sometimes children who have autism can sometimes get a bit too physical during play if they are unable to communicate clearly how they feel. If this is the case then you could use some different ways to help with his communication. For example, could he indicate on a chart of pictures how he is feeling (such as frustrated, confused, annoyed)?

    Does your son seem to play rough more when he has had more/less sensory input compared to normal preceding the playing with his siblings. For example, some parents describe that if their child has been in a busy environment (e.g. a supermarket) then their behaviour will be more challenging in the hours following this.

    Another suggestion I have is to redirect this physical energy. If he seems to be getting more rough in his playing then make a simple obstacle course from cushions for him to play on. Or have a big cuddly toy ready for him to jump on and squeeze. Does he enjoy playing outside?

    Your 7 year old may find it difficult if your younger children are being noisy. Do you have any family or friends that could help to enable you to have a little one-to-one time with your 7 year old each day? Or perhaps your younger children still have a nap and you could do this then?

    I hope some of these ideas help. Please post back and let me know what you think so that we can support you further with this.

    Warm wishes,

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