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    What type of pump do you use?

    I was just reading this article about expressing breastmilk, and I found it to be very helpful. I like the tips included in the article. I think one of the biggest things that mums need to be aware of is that a baby is much more efficient than a breast pump, so the amount of milk you express is not a good indicator of your supply. I was never able to express much milk at all. I did find that the flanges on the pump I had were too small for me, so I needed to purchase new ones. This link for a custom breast flange has good pictures of how to tell if the size of yours is correct. I wish I had known sooner that the flanges could be purchased in custom sizes. After that, I was able to express milk more easily. Yet, I still could never sit down and express enough for one bottle in one sitting. I could never express much at all with a hand pump, yet I was able to use an electric one.

    Do you express breastmilk? What type of pump do you use?

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    I expressed when I was finding breastfeeding uncomfortable (in the 'early days'). I actually preferred a manual breastpump to an electric one as I found I could mimic by baby's technique more accurately with this. I found that if I could distract myself from looking at how much milk was filling the bottle (for instance, by watching a funny dvd) it helped me to relax and so to express milk more efficiently. Moving the position of the pump every few minutes also helped.

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