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    What are the benefits if my baby listen music often?

    my baby keep on listening music what is the good effect of it to her?

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    Dear gelizaire,

    Thank you for posting this interesting question.

    There are many benefits to your baby enjoying music. Firstly, listening to music can help a baby to relax. Indeed, many parents find that bedtime lullabies help with getting their little one to fall asleep. Soothing music is ideal for bedtime.

    Research has shown that children who have a strong sense of rhythm (and are able to keep a beat) are more likely to be good at maths (by improving critical listening skills) and to read well. In fact, it is thought that when children and babies are listening to music they are in a more receptive state which makes music a natural learning environment.

    Music also helps to improve a child's listening skills and helps with their language development. It can help a child to express themselves and to be creative.

    Importantly, listening to music with your baby is also a wonderful opportunity to bond together. You can dance, sing and laugh with your baby.


    Best wishes,

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