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    My baby have rashes is it okay if i put some ointment?

    what probably ointment should i put?

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    Dear gelizaire,

    Please could you explain a little more about your baby's rashes. Where is the rash on her body? Do you know what the cause of it may be?

    If you think it is nappy rash then I have answered your other post about nappy rash here.

    Expressed breastmilk is excellent for soothing and healing rashes.

    If your baby ever seems unwell (for example has a fever or seems in pain) with a rash or you are concerned about a rash then you should see your healthcare provider.

    It really depends on what is causing the rash as to what the course of action should be. Avoid putting any perfumed creams on your baby; natural products are best.

    Warm wishes,

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    I've used organic coconut oil on rashes before and its worked great. Like LJ depends on what the rash looks like and how long baby has had this particular rash.
    Also frequent tepid baths several times through the day time as well as free time with out a nappy will help dry out the rash.
    Best of luck

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