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    My Baby sweats a Lot

    My daughter is four months old. She is about 16 lbs in weight. Her doctor told me she is around 74% in ratio to her height, and WHO's standard weight for baby girls is 64% on the average. Meaning, she is about 10% heavier than average babies of her age. In general, my baby girl is a healthy baby girl.

    However, I notice that she sweats too much especially on the head area. Every time I check on her, her head is soaked in sweat. Also her feet are ice-cold and moist. Is it just normal, or is there anything I need to worry about?

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    dearest mum,

    Your daughter is perfectly normal. If her feet are cold then I'd keep socks on them to keep them warm. If you notice that she is sweating, possibly put lighter clothing on her or make sure she is wearing 100% cotton to help adsorb the wetness.

    Rest assured you infant is very normal, most little babies have sticky palms and sweaty feet. All part of human nature.


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    Oh, thank you. I almost thought something must be wrong with her :-)

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    Sweating can be normal but it can also be a sign of some serious medical conditions so an evaluation by your pediatrician would be a good idea.

    Keep in mind that overbundling or overdressing your child and keeping your home too warm, could also cause excessive sweating

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