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    Is that bad if i let my baby sleep with a dummy on her mouth?

    She loved to sleep with a dummy on her mouth and I'm worried about her teeth development.

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    Hi Gelizaire,

    Babies are born with a need to suck. It is best to put baby to the breast every time baby wants to suck, but sometimes this is not possible.

    I saw another post from you about feeding a 5 months old, so I'm going to assume your baby is 5 months old. My bubs gave up the dummy by 5 months of age, but I did not use it often.

    It is best to wean baby off the dummy as soon as you can, for a variety of reasons, so I would encourage you to remove baby's pacifier after she is sound asleep (you will know she is sound asleep when you break the suction and she doesn't start sucking again). I hope this will train her to stay asleep without the dummy.

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