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    my baby started to eat cerelac infant cereal at age of 5 months old is that okay?

    she love to eat cerelac but im worried about her weight.

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    Dear gelizaire,

    Are you worried that your daughter is losing weight? It is recommended that babies don't start being offered food until they are 6 months old and developmentally ready. This is because their milk (ideally breastmilk but if not then formula milk) is much more nutritious and easy for them to swallow and digest than food such as cereal. Therefore, if you are worried that your daughter is losing weight I would swap back to just milk until she is 6 months old.

    You may also find that baby led weaning (which I described in my previous post) is better in maintaining the milk (and its calories and nutrients) she is getting and offered alongside this (rather than a substitute for this milk in the first 12 months of life).

    If you are concerned about your baby's weight then I would recommend seeing your healthcare practitioner.

    Warm wishes,

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