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    Cats are jealous creatures?

    Good afternoon ladies!

    I have a question concerning my pets and my soon to be born baby.

    I was told that a dog can be supportive though it all, but I was told the opposite of cats...

    I have a kitten and worry that I may have to train him to be an outdoor cat for a few years until the baby can be around him.

    Do I have anything to worry about with the cat harming the newborn? Or am I being told fables?

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    I think both cats and dogs need to be prepared for a newborn baby coming into the house and both couldn't be trusted with a baby without an adult in the room.

    However, cats are known to have more problems adapting to a newborn baby than dogs. Some cats can be disturbed by the sound of crying: you could get your kitten used to this by playing him the sounds of a baby crying and being calm around the kitten when this is happening. It's also important not to (obviously!) let a cat sleep in a cot or pram and you can buy nets to stop the cat going in them. You could also get your kitten used to not going into rooms where the baby will be spending lots of time.

    It's good that your cat is so young so you can prepare him for the arrival of your baby and he should then adapt to the changes well.

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    Hi Ceara,

    My personal experience with our cats is that they just didn't care about the babies. I had two cats when our first child was born. One was an older kitten, and one was an adult cat. They both just ignored the baby. Both of our cats were indoor cats.

    I made sure to close the door when I would put baby down for a nap so that the cats wouldn't go into the room where she was sleeping.

    I like the idea of playing sounds of a baby crying to see how your cat responds, but mostly just watch the cat, be sure you give him/her as much attention as you do now so he doesn't feel like he has to compete with the baby for attention, and you'll be able to tell whether your cat will need to become more of an outdoor cat, or whether he will be just fine with the new baby.

    Warm regards,


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