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    Did you exercise during pregnancy?

    I have read that exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial in several ways, such as reducing body pain and decreasing fatigue. It can also help prevent gestational diabetes. I did not have a set exercise plan during my pregnancies, but I did try to walk often and stay moving with my children. For guidelines for exercising during pregnancy, this article has some wonderful information.

    Did you exercise during pregnancy? Do you think it helped you feel better during pregnancy or have an easier birth?

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    I didn't have an exercise routine during any of my pregnancies. I was, however, very active with the first 3 pregnancies. With the first, I was an Office Manager for a preschool, so I was walking to classes regularly to talk to teachers, check on a child, etc.

    With my 2nd, I was running after a toddler, and with my 3rd I had a day care in my home, and was caring for 5 children. Busy, busy and active.

    I stopped day care after my 3rd baby was born, and didn't have much exercise with the 4th or 5th pregnancies. I just remember I felt miserable with nausea. I later learned that moving/exercising can actually help take stress off the liver so that the nausea is not as severe. I wish I had known that then.

    Exercise during pregnancy is important. You just want to be sure you're doing it correctly and that it works with your lifestyle. If that means you're at home caring for young children, you'll likely have to find a way to stay active with them rather than running to the gym.

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    I was not having any planned exercises but i used to walk daily for a total of 6km!! and yes it helped me alot during labour and birth. Infact if you exercise correctly i beleive you labour for less hours.

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