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Thread: at what age i can put my baby on a baby carrier?

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    at what age i can put my baby on a baby carrier?

    safe age of baby can put on baby carrier?

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    Dear gelizaire,

    There are many baby carriers which are safe to use from birth. One of the most popular type of sling for newborn babies is a stretchy sling. These are super for keeping your new baby close to you and comforted throughout the day. You can also breastfeed in them and you have your hands free.

    Woven wraps are also very popular from birth - these take a bit more practice than a stretchy sling. There are now many, many sling meets and sling libraries where you can get support from other parents who babywear.

    You said your daughter is 5 months old. At this age a stretchy sling is likely to sag too much and perhaps not be supportive enough. I personally found a Mei Tai excellent and easy to use at this age. You can also back carry with this type of carrier. Alternatively, you may like to try a 'full buckle' carrier such as a Manduca or a Tula.

    I think you will find a supportive baby carrier which distributes your baby's weight well around your body (such as those mentioned above) excellent both practically and for bonding with your daughter.

    Please do post any further questions you have here.

    Warm wishes,

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