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    Conceiving a baby boy

    Is it true that if I and my husband were acidic, there is a low possibility of us having a baby boy?
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    Dear faithmanalon,

    Thank you for your post.

    In what way to you mean 'acidic'? Are you thinking about your pH levels?

    Kate, who is one of our moderators, has written a very detailed post here entitled How to sway the odds of conceiving a girl. In reference to the acidic levels of a woman's cervical mucous, she writes:

    'The cervical mucus at the beginning of your fertile window is thicker and can be slightly more acidic than the mucus that is produced at the time of ovulation. Once again, this gives you an opportunity to reduce the number of boy sperm if you make love during the time when the mucus is thicker and more acidic.'

    Best wishes,

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