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    not sure if pregnant help appreciated

    Hi, I have just gone to the doctors for a blood test, but it returned as negative, I have also taken 2 urines that have come back negative as well. Usually I wouldn't stress but I am skeptical because I am showing a lot of symptoms which is greatly unusual for me, especially the nausea and sore/ itchy nipples. I have never really had very regular periods but when i was last supposed to have one it was very light spotting and that was just over a month ago, I'm not sure if I could still be pregnant or if I'm just being paranoid, If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Dear stormy123,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your question.

    There can be other causes of nausea and sensitive nipples. Have you just had the pregnancy blood test this week (i.e. a month since you experienced the light period)? Pregnancy blood tests are very accurate. Both urine and blood pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone in the body (hCG) - blood tests are capable of detecting the hCG from 6-8 days after you ovulate (i.e. before your period is even due). If your period was due a month ago and you have just had the blood pregnancy test then I'm afraid it would be highly, highly unlikely to come back falsely as negative.

    You may find this pregnancy tests fact sheet helpful.

    When did you take the urine pregnancy tests?

    Do your periods have any pattern to them?

    Warm wishes,

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    thankyou much appreciated, i had it a few days ago, i had the urine test about a week before that, I have never haad very regular periods, sometimes i can bleed for like 2 weeks at a time, but i usually get one at least oncea month, there have been occasions were it has been longer before i got one, I usually would brush it off but the sort of symptoms i've been having I haven't had ever, which is hard to ignore, such as the above and extra discharge, fatigue and increased nausea, not to mention i've been crying a lot more.

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    Dear stormy123,

    Have you seen your doctor about your irregular periods? Are these being investigated at all?

    Whilst the symptoms you describe do occur with pregnancy; a negative blood test a month after your period is due makes this unlikely. However, if your periods are so irregular that it's possible that your period was not due until much later on this occasion then it is possible that you are pregnant. I would wait another week and then take another pregnancy test. If you still don't get any answers then I would advise going back to your doctor.

    Warm wishes,

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