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    Breastfeeding Commercial from LUVS Nappies- Cute and Funny!

    Have you seen this new commercial from LUVS nappies? I doubt it will ever be released on television unfortunately, but it is so cool! I urge you to go to LUVS facebook page and YouTube site and tell them how cool this is! Cool, spot-on, and funny! A mainstream company finally got it right! I will definitely be looking for these when I buy disposable nappies from now on!

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    Okay - I was laughing out loud with this one. It's great!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Brilliant - love it!


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    I am seeing this video in the form of ads on youtube videos now, which is great because it's targeting a very specific audience that will be much more open to considering the idea of breastfeeding... and breastfeeding in public.


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    Yeah, I love that commercial and I really appreciate, as it is trying to say that breastfeeding should be considered normal in public.

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    Thank you for your comments robthomas - I couldn't agree more. Breastfeeding should be normalised - this would mean that people saw babies being breastfed in public as the norm as so new mums felt more confident in doing so. I think we can take a little hope in that each time we breastfeed in public we are showing others that it is a normal way for a baby to get their milk and hopefully this will be of some encouragement to mums-to-be out there.


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