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    Caesarean babies face infections, says study

    An article this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald reports on a study that found that babies born via caesarean are up to 26 percent more likely to be hospitalised for infections in the first 12 months of life. Not surprisingly there is a 70 percent increase in breastfeeding complications being diagnosed and when there was breastfeeding problems the baby was more likely to be admitted to hospital with an infection. Here is a snippet of the article:
    BABIES born by caesarean are much more likely to be admitted to hospital with gastrointestinal disease or chest infections in their first year of life than those born naturally, a study of NSW births has found. The babies were 22 per cent to 26 per cent more likely to be hospitalised with gastrointestinal disease and about 12 per cent more likely to be admitted with bronchiolitis, a type of chest infection, the researchers, from the Kolling institute at Royal North Shore Hospital, found.

    With caesarean rates now exceeding 30 percent of all births (and averaging around 45 percent in private hospitals) - there are going to be increase problems for babies not only for the first year of life but for the rest of their lives. Breastfeeding provides life long benefits and caesareans reduce the number of women who successfully breastfeed. This is another reason why there should be an active campaign by the government and health departments to reduce our unreasonably high caesarean birth rate.
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    What concerning statistics. I think the government needs to focus on the long term benefits of a reduced caesarian rate which (in light of this article) could have lifelong effects on a baby's health. Thanks for making us aware of this research on the forum. I also believe this highlights another case of health care professionals, and the women they are caring for, needing all the information available in order to make the best informed choice on if a caesarian is the best cause of action.

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    There was an article many years ago in an American Osteopathic journal showing some research done by a well known osteopathic paediatrician looking at the connection between C section and chest / respiratory tract infections. The stats indicated that there was a correlation and certainly I have found in my practice that babies with respiratory problems will more often have been born by section. Unfortunately the very nature of research makes the age of that paper's conclusions unreliable.

    But, even if a baby has been born by C section, any effects it may of had can usually be easily rectified by a cranial osteopath.
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    That's really a depressing news.

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    Have you had a baby by a c-section robthomas?

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