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    What was your most memorable moment during your waterbirth?

    I love everything about both my waterbirth's.
    Dipping down into the warm water, surrounding my swelling belly with heat and relaxation.
    Being able to float about weightless.
    The warm water helping my perineum soften for the crowning of my baby's head.
    I could go on and on....
    Tell me what you loved about your water birth.
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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    I used a birthing pool with my first labour (although I got out for the actual birthing of the baby). I remember the moment when I first got into that warm water and just feeling the water surround and hold my body and me consciously relaxing.

    In my last birth I unfortunately didn't have time for the water pool to be filled (as the time between me getting to the hospital and having my son was around 40 minutes). However, I am certainly planning on prioritising it next time around. I feel the benefits of water in labour are huge and can contribute to a natural, smoother birth.

    I look forward to reading others' experiences.

    Warm wishes,

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    My first baby was born standing in a shower. My second was a waterbirth.

    For me, I found the effortless floating in the water very helpful with the pain and because I didn't have to support myself.

    I did regret birthing in the water though; next time I'd labour in the water but then stand or go in the shower for the delivery as I felt it was harder to push in the water.

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