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Thread: Got one baby but while breastfeeding both breasts are releasing milk

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    Talking Got one baby but while breastfeeding both breasts are releasing milk

    Hello! I am Mary, a mother of one-year-old baby that is fully breastfed. I am having trouble regarding to my breast milk, as the other breast that is not used while my baby is feeding always leaks. Is there anyone who also got such issue before? Hope to get great advice on how to make the breast milk leakage stop. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your question. That's great to hear you are breastfeeding your 1 year old. We have a lot of mums who are breastfeeding toddlers and older children on this forum. Did you know that the average age to breastfeed for worldwide is between 4 and 5 years? I'm sure you know that in the second year of life breastmilk still gives our babies huge nutritional, social, emotional and developmental benefits.

    When did you start introducing solid food alongside the breastmilk? The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend to do this from 6 months (as you probably are already aware) when a baby is developmentally ready.

    It sounds like you have a good milk supply. It is common for the other breast to leak some milk when you are feeding from the other breast. You can actually just apply some gentle pressure to the nipple of the breast you are not currently feeding from for a few seconds and this should help to reduce/ stop the breastmilk leaking.

    I can personally recommend LilyPadz too. These are a special form of breastpad (made from silicon) that actually stick to the skin (you wouldn't even need to wear a bra to use them). I didn't know about them with my first son by I found they helped me so much with stopping breastmilk leakage with my second son. They work by applying pressure to the nipple (as described above) and actually eventually stop the breast from leaking milk at all once you've worn them for a while (without interrupting your breastmilk supply). I really can't recommend them enough!

    I hope this helps,
    Best wishes,

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    Hello LJ!

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will try your recommended breast pads.

    Kind Regards,

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    I hope they help you.


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    Hi LJ!

    It will surely help me!

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards,

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    I see LJ mentioned this above...however I know it works well. Here is a quick trick that helps stop the milk let down on the breast that is not being nursed on. Gently use the palm of your hand and press into the breast...straight in the middle near your nipple....very gently press inwards and count to 5. It will stop the flow/dripping milk. A midwife once told me really does work. Try it and let us know how it goes.

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    Thanks for sharing some more information on this natural way to stop breastmilk leakage sunnymumof5. It really does work well! LJ

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