Gentle parenting is a parenting style which treats babies and children with respect and demonstrates to them kindness and care. There are some excellent gentle parenting resources here which discuss how this practically relates to topics such as: sleeping, vaccinations, schooling, co-sleeping and babywearing.

Gentle parenting has become more than just a philosophy or theory for me and my family; it is now the way we do life. Recently I have been considering when this became the case. For instance, I didn't decide that co-sleeping and babywearing was definitely for me before I had my baby - we just sort of fell into this parenting technique. Maybe it is because it is what came naturally? Or perhaps it happened because I followed my baby's lead and this is where he led us! Either way, I'm so glad we are following the gentle parenting style. How about you? Did you decide on your parenting philosophy before your baby was born or did it gradually fall into shape after the birth?