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    After a miscarriage

    I had a miscarriage in August after which my doctor asked me to wait till 2 regular periods before we start again. What are the important things or steps to consider after a miscarriage? Do you visit a doctor before trying to conceive again or just start trying after the required amount of time that the doctor suggests you to?
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    Dear sonu84,

    How are you?

    Thanks for posting your question here and apologies for the delay in replying.

    Miscarriages are unfortunately quite common and it is thought that around 1 in 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Unless a doctor advises otherwise, you can start trying to conceive again once your cycles are back to normal.

    It would even be safe to conceive, for the majority of women, immediately following a miscarriage (i.e. before they had another period). This isn't generally advised because, in this case, a woman could get a false pregnancy test if the miscarriage was still causing the pregnancy hormone to show on the test. Waiting two cycles avoids this possibility and also allows some time to recover physically and start to deal with the emotions of the loss that has so sadly been experienced (the later may be a lifelong process).

    You would not normally need to visit a doctor before trying to conceive again.

    Best wishes,

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