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Thread: anembryonic ovum

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    anembryonic ovum

    I had a miscarriage in August. The placenta had formed but there was no life in it. The term they used was anembryonic ovum. What are the reasons or possible causes of an anembryonic ovum?
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    Dear sonu84,

    Once again, please accept my sympathies. I'm so sorry you had a miscarriage.

    An anembryonic ovum is also known as a blighted ovum. It happens where a pregnancy sac develops but sadly no embryo goes on to form and develop in this (so no heartbeat would be seen at an ultrasound scan).

    There is still a lot of research going on into blighted ovums. The main cause is believed to be a problem with the number of chromosomes in the fertilised egg. The pregnancy would sadly never develop with this particular chromosome problem. Please take heart that it is highly, highly unlikely that anything you did or did not do have an affect on the pregnancy. Also please take heart in the fact that most women who experience a blighted ovum go on to have a successful pregnancy (it is rare to have more than one blighted ovums).

    Here is a factsheet on anembryonic pregnancies produced by the Miscarriage Association.

    Thinking of you,
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