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Thread: Scared to try again

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    Scared to try again

    I had a miscarriage in August and my doctor suggested me to wait till 2 regular periods before we try again. I want to get pregnant soon but, I am so scared. The thoughts of previous pregnancy and what if it happens again keep coming in my mind. How do I keep myself positive and away from all these negative thoughts? I am scared that these negative thoughts would affect the pregnancy again.
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    Dear sonu84,

    I am so sorry for what you have been through. Please know that these sorts of feelings and concerns are very common following a miscarriage. When you have experienced a pregnancy that resulted in a sad loss then this will have an affect on the way you feel with subsequent pregnancies.

    Try to remember that most women who experience a miscarriage go on to have a normal, healthy pregnancy next time. Some women find that going for an early pregnancy scan from 7 weeks of pregnancy helps to reassure them. Sometimes your doctor can refer you for this but sometimes you have to pay to have an early pregnancy scan privately; so it is unfortunately not an option which everyone can afford.

    You may find that exercising (at a level similar to your pre-pregnancy exercise level is safe in pregnancy) helps you to relax. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can also help to ease anxious thoughts. Some women find that yoga or simple breathing exercises help them to move away from worrying thoughts in pregnancy.

    It is highly unlikely that any negative thoughts would affect your pregnancy. However, it is best, for your own health, to minimise stress in pregnancy. You may find a support group helps you to do this - where you can talk through what you are feeling or you could talk regularly with a friend who understands what you have been through. It is important to keep talking; this is better than trying to suppress how you are feeling. Please post anytime on this forum and we will do our very best to support you here too.

    Personally speaking, I experienced a miscarriage before my two sons were born. I found this particularly difficult in the pregnancy which immediately followed the miscarriage but I found that surrounding myself with positive people and going for lots of walks outside helped me to move my focus away from my worries. I was also able to have an early scan with this pregnancy and I found it put my mind at rest to see my baby's heartbeat.

    Warm wishes,

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