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    prenatal vitamins

    If you eat healthy and take care of your diet would you still need to take the prenatal vitamins for the entire 9 months?
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    Dear sonu84,

    Thank you for your question.

    A healthy diet is the best way to give yourself and your baby what you need in pregnancy. You should eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as wholegrain foods and beans. However, it is also wise to take additional supplements; as this article explains.

    Folic acid supplements are recommended for at least the first trimester of pregnancy although there are benefits to continuing to take folic acid throughout the second and third trimesters too. Other supplements to consider taking are: iron, Calcium and Iodine.

    A woman who suffers from more severe morning sickness may not be getting all the nutrients she needs from her diet; in these cases it is particularly important to take antenatal vitamins.

    I hope this helps you. Please post back if you have any further questions about this.

    Warm wishes,

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