My son is just over 2. For the longest time he went to bed with no problems whatsoever. We would read a story, say prayers and put him down and he wouldn't fuss or anything. He would fall asleep and we wouldn't hear anything till the morning. Over the summer, I gave birth to our daughter, so my husband has taken over a lot more with our son. My husband is a natural snuggler and so is my son. Consequently, the way he would put him to bed a lot of them time involves snuggling in the chair until he falls asleep. Then he gets moved to his bed. Now, if we put him to bed any other way, he cries and cries until someone comes in to snuggle with him. I want to tell my husband that we need to just take a week and let him 'cry it out' so he can put himself to sleep again. My husband doesn't like to do that. And admittedly, it is awfully tough when he is crying, 'want to snug!!' Makes me feel pretty heartless to ignore that. So - do we push through and make him self comfort himself or do we enjoy the chance to snug with him while we have it??