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    Conceiving twins

    I would love to be the mother of twins. What are my best options to achieve this desire?

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    Dear VannyBaby,

    I'm afraid that this is not something that you can control. A woman is more likely to have twins if there is a family history of twins (on her side of the family, rather than her husband's). Twins are also more likely in later pregnancies (compared with your first and second baby). Having fertility treatment makes it more likely that a woman will have twins. Older women (over 35 years old) are more likely to have twins (although older women are also unfortunately more at risk of problems in pregnancy such as an increased risk of miscarriage).

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you for your feedback LJ. This has given me some new insight on conceiving twins.


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    I'm glad that this information was helpful for you VannyBaby.

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